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About SBA Loans

Backed by the Small Business Administration, SBA loans can be used for almost all your small business needs.

Fast Funding Options

With Break Bread Lending in your corner, you can launch or grow your small business using one of our customized SBA lending solutions. Each is designed to get you the funding you need as quickly as possible and comes with the personalized support of a team whose goal is to help you reach yours fast.



BOLT SBA Loan: Our Fastest Funded Loan

Our newest and quickest loan option provides lightning-fast funding up to $150,000 within days instead of weeks, and without all the paperwork. With lower interest rates and longer repayment terms than alternative online lending products – plus the support of an in-house team of experts – BOLT loans are ideal for those with good personal and business credit scores and can be prequalified in hours.

Best For: Working Capital

Loan Amount: $150,000


FlashCap™ SBA Loan: Expedited Funding

FlashCap loans provide solutions for a wide range of small business lending needs and promise funding in a flash. With flexible requirements, low interest rate options, and the support of our dedicated team, a FlashCap loan can save you time and money when compared to other online lender alternatives.

Best For: Debt Refinance, Equipment Purchase, Working Capital, Commercial Real Estate


Loan Amount: $350,000


Premier SBA Loan: Streamlined Process

Our Premier SBA loans provide capital for almost all of your small business needs – up to the $5 million SBA loan maximum. Though they take longer to process than other CreditBench SBA loans, Premier loans can deliver the funding you need to meet your biggest business goals faster and with better terms than online lenders, plus the support of an expert, in-house team.

Best For: Commercial Real Estate Purchase, Ground-up Construction, Real Estate  Renovation, Start-up Business, Franchise Financing, Business Acquisition

Loan Amount: $5 Million

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