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Payroll Funding Explained

Are your clients on terms of 30, 60 or even 90 days, leaving you without the needed income to close new business, start the next project or pay your staff?

We purchase your outstanding invoices, pay you right away and collect from your clients when the bills are due.

  • 1
    Submit your invoice
    You submit your invoices to the factoring company along with any backup you may have to substantiate the invoice. Once the factoring company is able to verify that the invoice is good, they typically advance 80 to 95 percent of the amount of the factored invoices the same or next day.

  • 2
    Accrued Reserve
    The accounts receivable factoring company holds the remaining 10-percent or $10,000 as security until the payment of the invoice or invoices have been received.

  • 3
    Payment Collection
    The factoring company collects payment over the next 30 to 90 day period depending on your customer’s payment terms.

  • 4
    Final Payment to You
    Once the payment has been received, the factor pays you (the seller of the invoices), the remaining ten percent, less the factoring fee, which typically runs one-percent to three-percent of the total invoice value

Invoice factoring is a powerful financial tool for businesses seeking to improve cash flow by converting outstanding invoices into immediate capital. This method allows companies to access funds quickly, enabling them to meet operational expenses, invest in growth opportunities, and maintain healthy cash reserves. Break Bread Lending stands out in the invoice factoring landscape due to its commitment to transparency, flexibility, and personalized service. With Break Bread Lending, businesses can expect competitive rates, expedited funding, and a streamlined process tailored to their unique needs. Moreover, Break Bread Lending’s experienced team provides expert guidance and support throughout the entire transaction, ensuring a seamless experience for clients. Choosing Break Bread Lending for invoice factoring empowers businesses to optimize their cash flow management and unlock their full potential for growth.

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