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ERC Advanced Funding

Receive 85% of your Employee Retention Tax Credit in 1 to 2 weeks.

Line of Credit

Flexible access to funds, allowing you to borrow as needed up to a predetermined limit. Whether for managing cash flow fluctuations or seizing opportunities for growth, our line of credit empowers you to navigate your financial journey with ease.

SBA Financing

Government-backed loans designed to support small businesses, providing access to capital for various purposes such as startup costs, expansion, or working capital needs. With favorable terms and flexible repayment options, our SBA financing solutions help entrepreneurs realize their business aspirations with confidence.

Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance offers quick access to capital by leveraging future credit card sales. Ideal for businesses with fluctuating cash flow, this financing solution provides upfront funds, repaid through a percentage of daily card transactions, offering flexibility and convenience for managing immediate financial needs.


A strategic solution that helps businesses restructure and manage existing merchant cash advances. By consolidating multiple MCA debts into a single, more manageable payment plan, this innovative approach provides relief from financial strain while offering a path towards improved cash flow and stability.

Wellness/ Workers Comp

The Wellness Plan leads to improved employee health and well-being, with healthier employees proving to be more focused, energetic, and productive. The workers' compensation plan can reduce claims by preventing injuries and promoting overall health and well-being. Save massive on FICA, and payouts at no cost.


Maximize cash flow with our premier factoring solutions. Swift funding, competitive rates, and seamless processes empower your business to thrive. Elevate your finances today.

Startup Funding

Need capital to start your business? With a 700+ credit or a cosign, we can help! 0% Interest for 6-12 months. Reports only to the business. Minimal paperwork. One of the only places for startup capital.

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