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At Break Bread Lending, we believe in providing transparent and accessible financing solutions. That's why we offer a no-upfront-cost approach to underwriting, ensuring businesses can access our expertise and receive a comprehensive offer and strategy tailored to their needs without financial barriers or commitments upfront.

Break Bread Lending stands out from other lenders by genuinely caring about your business's success, embodying a compassionate approach that rejects predatory practices prevalent in the industry. With our private capital, we aim to disrupt the status quo, prioritizing community well-being and fostering genuine relationships with businesses to drive sustainable growth and positive impact within the community.

With our private capital and diverse range of funding options, Break Bread Lending can offer highly creative financing solutions, providing unparalleled flexibility to accommodate various business needs and accepting a wider spectrum of applicants. Our no-cost underwriting process empowers hardworking, honest entrepreneurs to explore our tailored funding options risk-free, inviting them to take advantage of our expertise and resources to support their ventures.

At Break Bread Lending, the funding process varies based on the chosen product, offering diverse avenues to secure financing. Nevertheless, we pride ourselves on being one of the industry's quickest, with many options capable of funding within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring swift access to capital for our clients' needs.

At Break Bread Lending, we recognize that every file is distinct, tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the business and client. Our commitment is to present the most favorable deal possible, leveraging our customizable solutions based on thorough underwriting, which incurs no cost to the customer, making it beneficial for them to explore their options.

Break Bread Lending operates without an upper limit on capital disbursal, prioritizing deals that make strategic sense and benefit all parties involved. With a flexible approach, we avoid stifling opportunities by refraining from imposing arbitrary limits, ensuring we can meet the diverse needs of our clients effectively.

At Break Bread Lending, we prioritize flexibility and compassion, recognizing that credit isn't the sole factor in determining funding eligibility for small businesses. When traditional banks turn applicants away, we step in to provide opportunities, saying "yes" to deserving businesses in need of capital.

To "break bread" is to have a meal with someone; there are connotations of seeing to it that everyone is fed. We believe that the lending process should be a wholesome experience, much like sharing a warm loaf of bread over a dinner table together. We endeavor to understand our clients’ needs, ensuring that there is a team around them to facilitate their success. Break Bread Lending believes that there is enough bread to go around, and that no family should have to go without.

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