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We are partnered with global direct lenders operating across the US, specializing in providing small and medium-sized businesses with access to cutting-edge revolving lines of credit to support their ongoing working capital needs. Our unique credit assessment process goes beyond FICO scores, utilizing proprietary data scraping from over 1600 data points and advanced underwriting technology. This enables us to approve 30% MORE applications while maintaining portfolio risk. Our mission is to simplify product selection, eliminate complex fee structures, and offer dynamic funding limits, pricing, terms, and repayment options that adapt in real-time to the businesses’ cash flow cycles.



Redraw and re-set the terms of your total loan balance, only one repayment, consolidate debt, improve cash flow, save time, save money, no ongoing fees

Funding Speed – Same day

Repayment Duration – 10 -52 weeks.

Repayment Type(s) – Weekly

Funding Amounts – $10,000 – $250,000

Establishment cost – 2%

Draw fee – 2%


A FICO score of 640 or higher with no charge-offs exceeding $2,500.

A minimum of 24 months in business.

Monthly revenue of at least $30,000.

The business must operate or be incorporated in an eligible U.S. state.

US citizen or permanent resident

Establish a PLAID connection.

Have no recent Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) borrowings or account dishonors.

No reverse consolidations should be evident.

Break Bread Lending ensures access to the best rates, terms, and flexibility to support your business expansion and working capital requirements. With a commitment to tailored solutions and compassionate lending practices, we empower entrepreneurs with timely access to funds, enabling them to seize opportunities and confidently navigate financial challenges. Trust Break Bread Lending to be your reliable partner in fueling your business growth and prosperity.